Liner Nail Art Brush

Liner Nail Art Brush

4.00 9.35

This is a Liner Brush from Princeton Artist Brush Co's Decorative Miniature Synthetic Sable Series 3050 in size 20/0. This brush is approximately 138mm in length and the hairs are about 10mm long.

We like to use these brushes to paint thin lines - Precise brushes for precise tasks. Used by professional nail artists, this brush is also sought-after by decorative artists and painters of miniatures. The brush is made with a wooden handle finished in a comfortable silicone allowing a firm grip and ultimate control. 

Princeton brushes are crafted by hand. Brush makers hand “cup” the hair to shape, so that each strand falls into place, giving the brush a fine tapered point or a clean, straight edge. 

Princeton is one of the largest brush-makers in North America. Since 1992, artist brushes have been the sole focus of Princeton. Princeton makes one thing: the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today.

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