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What are fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos are temporary tattoos for nails. They are sorta like nail stickers but more similar to waterslide nail decals. The difference is that with nail stickers and waterslide nail decals, the adhesive is usually underneath the image. With fatjunkie nail tattoos, the adhesive is on top of the image which is why you apply fatjunkie nail tattoos face down.

Where are fatjunkie nail tattoos made?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos are designed in various locations around the world including Australia, Austria, Germany, Japan and the USA. The first series of fatjunkie nail tattoos were printed in Australia. Printing facilities have since shifted moved to China.

How do I apply fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Check out our gif tutorial with directions and tips here

You can also view a video tutorial by onceuponablog.nl here

What colour nail polish should I use with fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Most fatjunkie nail tattoos are opaque which means the nail tattoos can be applied on most colours but lighter colours work best. Please refer to product descriptions to find out if a particular set is opaque.  

However, you should definitely avoid placing nail tattoos on nail polish that is a similar colour to the nail tattoo itself as this would cause the nail tattoo to blend in.

Please note some of the nail tattoos designs may incorporate transparent areas which appear white on the backing paper. When applied to nails, the transparent areas will reveal the colour of your nail polish. Which fatjunkie nail designs have transparent areas? Please refer to the product descriptions. 

Which top coats work best with fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos have been tested with a range of top coats without any issues. The following top coats are recommended:

Which top coats should I avoid?

Other than the recommended top coats above, opt for regular top coats rather than specialty top coats like quick dry top coats, high shine top coats and top coats that are also base coats.

Can fatjunkie nail tattoos be used with gel polish?

Yes, fatjunkie nail tattoos can be used with gel polish. Gelish and Anny are recommended.

Please note after curing, gel polish leaves a sticky residue which can be removed with gel cleaners. Fatjunkie nail tattoos should be applied after the stickiness has been removed.

How long do fatjunkie nail tattoos last?

The life of fatjunkie nail tattoos largely depends on the quality of your nail polish and top coat. If applied correctly, fatjunkie nail tattoos last 1-6 days with acrylic nail polish.  Additional layers of top coat will provide more protection.

When used with gel polish/shellac, the nail tattoos last as long as the gel polish.

How do I remove fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos can be removed with regular nail polish remover and gel polish remover.

How large are fatjunkie nail tattoos?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos are small and the size is based on small fingernails. If you have small fingernails, you will mostly likely be able to fit one image per nail and maybe two on your thumb. If your fingernails are large or long, you should be able to fit multiple images on one nail. Take a look at the nail tattoo tutorial above to get an idea of size on small nails.

Can I use fatjunkie nail tattoos on skin?

Fatjunkie nail tattoo can be used on skin but people with sensitive skin should avoid doing so.

How should fatjunkie nail tattoos be stored?

Fatjunkie nail tattoos should be stored in a sealed plastic sleeve in a cool, dry place. If left exposed, the nail tattoos may dry out. Humidity and moisture may also damage the nail tattoos.

Are fatjunkie nail tattoos tested on animals?

No way!

Do you make custom nail tattoos?

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer custom nail tattoos at this stage.


Where are fatjunkie pins made?

Fatjunkie pins are made in China.


How do I apply fatjunkie nail wraps?

Check out our gif tutorial here

Where are fatjunkie nail wraps made?

Fatjunkie nail wraps are printed in the USA and are designed in various locations including Australia, Austria, the USA and Japan. 


What sort of nail art brushes do you sell?

The fatjunkie shop stocks brushes from Princeton Artist Brush Co's Decorative Miniature Synthetic Sable Series 3050. The fatjunkie shop are currently the only stockist of Princeton Decorative Miniature brushes in Australia. These super fine brushes are used by professional nail artists and also highly sought-after by decorative artists and painters of miniatures. Fatjunkie has spent a lot of money trying to find the best brushes for nail art and when she stumbled on these brushes in 2013, she has not used any other. She is still using the same set she first purchased back in 2013.

How should I care for my nail art brushes?

Princeton brushes are an investment. If used and cared for properly, your brush will last longer and perform better. Here are some tips to protect your brushes and save you money:

  1. Do not immerse brush in nail polish up to the ferrule (metal band). Wet polish in this area is hard to clean and even harder if it dries.
  2. Never leave brush soaking in nail polish, nail polish remover or water for extended periods of time.
  3. Never let brush rest on its hair end.
  4. Always store brushes with its plastic hair protector.
  5. Do not allow the silicon handle to come into contact with nail polish remover. The silicon will disintegrate if left in nail polish remover.
  6. After use:
  • remove nail polish with nail polish remover;
  • rinse hairs with lukewarm water;
  • remove excess water;
  • reshape hairs into place with fingers; and
  • stand upright to dry.

Who is Princeton Artist Brush Co?

Princeton Artist Brush Co is one of the largest brush markers in North America. Since 1992, artist brushes have been the sole focus of Princeton. Princeton makes one thing - the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today.

Where are Princeton brushes made?

Princeton brushes are handcrafted in China.


We would like to feature fatjunkie products in our publication. How do we make contact?

For all press and media inquiries, email shop at fatjunkie dot com.